Utahns should beware of video vigilantes who film alleged prostitution/sex solicitation encounter and then upload those videos on You Tube. Many You Tube videos document alleged sex transactions and are designed to embarrass and frustrate the participants. Below is an example of a sex solicitation/prostitution vigilante video:

Allegations of sexual assault are becoming commonplace in divorce cases. Such a large number of these allegations are false and very arguable that a syndrome was created to identify these cases: S.A.I.D. Syndrome (Sexual Allegations In Divorce).

The SAID Syndrome often identifies false accusations of sexual misconduct with a minor, something which can easily be spotted but can also just as easily take children away from a loving parent. False accusations are usually made after the divorce process begins and can easily happen after the divorce is final when parents are trying to regain child custody rights.

False accusations can easily be ruled as fact when the correct steps are not taken in the legal process. Therapists and the police department involved in the case may have no experience in the matter yet offer strong opinions. The Defense lawyer may not be aggressive enough to poke holes in the witness’s fictional tales. In order to protect yourself against these very common allegations of sex crimes involved with divorce you should look for a defense attorney. A defense attorney experienced in the topic area can make sure all files on the persons involved are completed by qualified individuals, that the therapists and other professional testifying and providing opinions are capable and experienced in the area, and possibly help you find a private reliable polygraph test.

About a week ago in Great Britain an 8-yr-old girl confessed in court to lying about being raped by two 10-yr-old boys. She told one of the defense lawyers that she voluntarily slipped down her pants and undergarments after the two boys exposed themselves. Her motivation was to prohibit any punishment from her mother for being “naughty”. This was an extremely serious lie as 10-yr-olds can be tried as adults in criminal cases in England. The small girl did at one point state, “They said if I didn’t pull down my pants” the boys wouldn’t give her back her scooter. Dealing with children in court is a very difficult business.  However only a few lawyers are well equipped to defend children, knowing how to explain things at their level. If you or your child is involved with criminal charges it is very important to hire the most qualified attorney who can keep your child from being treated as an adult. Also important is finding a defense attorney who can spot lies in adolescent accusers/witnesses who may not know the consequences of their lies. (Neilan, AOL News)

photo: Mr. T in DC
photo: Mr. T in DC

Bente Hansen, a grandmother many times over, was accused in 2006 of sexually abusing her grandchildren in Utah.  However, at trial Hansen was found to be not guilty. Her acquittal was largerly based on the lack of physical evidence in the case. In sexual abuse cases, eyewitnesses often provide the strongest evidence for the case, and are therefore seriously relied on by the jury. Hansen’s Utah criminal defense attorney Clayton Simms was able to convey that the lack of physical evidence and eyewitness testimony that was only given through the use of extensive therapy was not enough to convict Hansen beyond a reasonable doubt. Hansen was able to overcome public condemnation in court, even when Taylorsville, Utah police described her case as some of the most troubling incest and sex abuse cases they’d ever seen. (“Grandma is not Guilty”, Salt Lake Tribune, Reavy, 9/8/06).