photo: clspeace
A possible gift to a Sugar Baby, photo: clspeace

Mature, single, wealthy men or women with a lot of money to spend are starting to gravitate towards Sugar Daddy websites. Sugar Daddies (or Sugar Mamas) are looking for young, attractive boyfriends and girlfriends to spend their money on in exchange for “companionship”. Either side can sign up for dating websites looking for a Sugar Mama or a Sugar Baby to fulfill their needs. However, being as this type of relationship is basically money and a high class lifestyle in exchange for what is probably sexual intimacy, it has been readily compared to prostitution. An ABC News special examined these Sugar Daddy relationships, a sugar baby named Melanie told ABC about her sugar baby friend, “She is 100 percent having sexual intercourse with that man. Escort means usually a nicer word for prostitute, but [a] sugar baby is a relationship, you’re dating someone but you have a monthly allowance”(ABC News, The Anatomy of Dating A Sugar Daddy Jan 2010). Sugar Babies often receive more then an allowance, including expensive luxury cars, the use of yachts, and designer regalia. Some interesting Sugar Daddy websites are:,, If you find yourself involved with the law concerning this type of internet use or relationship you should contact the best possible defense attorney, as the legality of this type of dating is a legal issue yet to be determined and your rights must be protected.