Most Utah residents are aware of the fact that prostitution is illegal in the state of Utah. Please remember that prostitution is illegal before you contact the local police to complain about the hired talent’s lack of performance. This was true for a Columbian man who complained to local police officers that one of the two prostitutes he hired, refused to give him oral sex. The man claimed that “he offered two women $60 for one of them to show him her chest and for the other to perform oral sex on him”(Columbian Tribune) but the latter event never took place. He was arrested on suspicion of patronizing prostitutes.

Utahns should beware of video vigilantes who film alleged prostitution/sex solicitation encounter and then upload those videos on You Tube. Many You Tube videos document alleged sex transactions and are designed to embarrass and frustrate the participants. Below is an example of a sex solicitation/prostitution vigilante video: