Considering Utah is such a conservative state, it is quite a surprise that eight men were arrested in a Cedar City prostitution sting. The second man, Andrew Groft used to be the former president of George Wythe University in Flagstaff, Arizona but was later replaced. To make matters even a little bit more surprising for Utah’s character, Groft was the second college administrator caught in the prostitution sting.  Southern Utah University Vice President Wesley Curtis was arrested prior for involvement in the same sting. It looks like Cedar City is a lot more scandalous than we would have ever imagined. To read more click here.

Accused molester, Jeremy Giefer’s accusation of molesting his daughter is not helping him hide his rocky past. reported that Giefer violated his bail agreement after he came within feet of his daughter, the victim who was sitting in the car.  News reports are now saying that if police had been more aware of Giefer’s “shady” past then they would have been more stringent with his bail agreement. However, does Giefer’s past really have a direct correlation to his recent accusation? Giefer’s town already knew that Giefer had been involved in an incident where he had talked a police officer into “handcuffing a drunk woman and threatening her with a citation unless she showed the men her breasts, which she did”. But if this was Giefer’s fault then who is accountable for the police officer and the woman who actually followed through with showing her breasts? Maybe sometimes it is easier to blame somebody with a past then letting them look forward to their future.