About a week ago in Great Britain an 8-yr-old girl confessed in court to lying about being raped by two 10-yr-old boys. She told one of the defense lawyers that she voluntarily slipped down her pants and undergarments after the two boys exposed themselves. Her motivation was to prohibit any punishment from her mother for being “naughty”. This was an extremely serious lie as 10-yr-olds can be tried as adults in criminal cases in England. The small girl did at one point state, “They said if I didn’t pull down my pants” the boys wouldn’t give her back her scooter. Dealing with children in court is a very difficult business.  However only a few lawyers are well equipped to defend children, knowing how to explain things at their level. If you or your child is involved with criminal charges it is very important to hire the most qualified attorney who can keep your child from being treated as an adult. Also important is finding a defense attorney who can spot lies in adolescent accusers/witnesses who may not know the consequences of their lies. (Neilan, AOL News)