Words you don’t want to hear: “I’m with Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC with the show To Catch A Predator” and “Yes, you will be on TV”.

Men show up to meet an underaged girl, who gave her age as 13, but the men only find a TV camera crew as well as the police. These sting operations happened in Utah, but are not necessarily video taped. At about 6 minutes into the video there is a man who strips naked and then chases a cat around the house with a tub of cool whip.

A woman is pulled over for a routine traffic stop in which she wasn’t even taken out of her car. This woman claims the police officer sexually assaulted her during that stop; however, video shows that no abuse occurred and the officer’s reputation is saved. The police officer was facing firing from his job, prison time and sex offender registration.

The woman who falsely accused the officer of sex abuse finally admitted the story was fabricated, when she was confronted with the video evidence. She explains why she made the story up:

Interviewer: “Why would you do something like this to somebody who didn’t do anything to you except write you a ticket?”

False Accuser: “I’ll explain why. If I would have been driving a Jaguar, if I had been driving a Mercedes, or anything along those lines I would have never been stopped. And I personally think he had a personal attack on me because of my character.”

DNA testing is often used in sex cases and the following video explains how the DNA testing is done. In a rape case the suspect will often leave DNA behind in the form of pubic hair, saliva or seamen. A suspect’s DNA may also be found on ordinary items such as a cigarette or a drinking cup. Juries expect hard evidence in a sex case and prosecutors are increasingly relying of DNA evidence because that is what juries expect.

The stars of TLC’s Sister Wives, Alleged Utah Polygamist Kody Brown and his four wives, are investigated for bigamy.

A person is guilty of bigamy (or more commonly referred to as polygamy) when, knowing he has a husband or wife or knowing the other person has a husband or wife, the person purports to marry another person or cohabits (lives) with another person.

Bigamy (polygamy) is a felony of the third degree, which is punishable for up to 5 years in the Utah State Prison.

Utah prisons and prisons throughout the United States have a hierarchy just like every business, social organization, church or school. Interestingly, Murders and violent offenders has the highest status among fellow inmates. This is largely because other inmates fear or respect them. On the lower end of the hierarchy is the convicted sex offender, who is at risk of attack from other inmates.