A woman is pulled over for a routine traffic stop in which she wasn’t even taken out of her car. This woman claims the police officer sexually assaulted her during that stop; however, video shows that no abuse occurred and the officer’s reputation is saved. The police officer was facing firing from his job, prison time and sex offender registration.

The woman who falsely accused the officer of sex abuse finally admitted the story was fabricated, when she was confronted with the video evidence. She explains why she made the story up:

Interviewer: “Why would you do something like this to somebody who didn’t do anything to you except write you a ticket?”

False Accuser: “I’ll explain why. If I would have been driving a Jaguar, if I had been driving a Mercedes, or anything along those lines I would have never been stopped. And I personally think he had a personal attack on me because of my character.”

Although in the Utah criminal justice system everyone without exception is considered innocent until proven guilty, there are consequences of merely being charged with a Utah sex crime that can impact a person’s everyday life; such as employment and housing opportunities. A good Utah sex crimes defense attorney may be able to minimize some of the negative impact that comes along with being charged with a rape, child sex abuse or possession of child porn.

Even after you have had your sex case dismissed or have been acquitted, the mere fact that you were arrested may continue to impact your life because your criminal history will continue to reflect that you were arrested. In such a case, you are entitled to have your record expunged and it is highly advisable that you do so. Once your record is expunged, you are legally entitled to answer the question of whether you have ever been arrested or charged with a crime by saying no.

 A Roosevelt, Utah woman is accusing her husband of sodomizing her with a broomstick after she forgot to do the dishes. The woman’s story started to waiver, however, after she changed her views as to whether she had access to a telephone or car after the incident. The alleged victim had not sought medical or emotional attention after the incident and only reported the incident when her husband of 16 years threatened to divorce her. The woman said that after she was sodomized she bleed for two days but never got any help because she was scared her husband would kill her. The Deseret news reports that the husband of the alleged victim told the jury “that his wife had the means to seek help if the incident had occurred because she managed his handyman business and had access to bank accounts, a cell phone, a home phone and the Internet”. The man did admit that he had threatened to sodomize his wife with a broomstick during a fight but never followed through with the threat. Innocent until proven guilty but it looks like there’s a broomstick for a different type of witch.

A person who, without the victim’s consent, causes the penetration, however slight, of the genital or anal opening of another person who is 14 years of age or older, by any foreign object, substance, instrument, or device, not including a part of the human body, with intent to cause substantial emotional or bodily pain to the victim or with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person, commits an offense which is punishable as a felony of the first degree.

If you are aware that you may be accused of a sex crime, you should contact an experienced Utah sex crimes lawyer to advise you even if you are not currently charged. Once an rape, child porn possession or other sex crime investigation is underway, you need a lawyer to help prevent charges from being filed or to make sure you do not make missteps in dealing with law enforcement officers. You want to minimize the disruption to your every day life as you fight the charges in court.

A Utah sex crimes lawyer can assess the strength of the case against you, make certain that the offer from the prosecutor is fair, inform you of the collateral consequences of a conviction, and most importantly a lawyer can take your case to trial. The simple accusation of a sex crime like rape, forcible sex abuse, child sex abuse or possession of child porn can destroy someone’s life even if the allegation does not end in a conviction.
Hiring a tough, smart lawyer early on can make all the difference between a favorable and a disastrous outcome for you later on. If you are a witness in some cases, a Lawyer is advised, specifically if you are a witness who wants to claim husband-wife privilege. If you believe you may incriminate yourself if you testify, you need an lawyer to advise you as to whether you may appropriately refuse to testify based on your Fifth Amendment rights.

Utah’s notoriously onerous sex offender registry requirements and sex offense laws may not be the world’s toughest.   European sexual offender laws, specifically Sweden’s laws, are much more stringent than those in the United States. The stringency of these laws does not specifically pertain to the fact that Sweden has a comparatively high rate of alleged rapes. The New York Times reports, “The number of reported rapes in Sweden is by far the highest in the European Union”. Some Swedens want tougher laws and are lobbying for additional “tightening of the sexual assault and rape laws in Sweden” by wanting to expand the definition of rape to include situations where a woman doesn’t verbally say no towards sexual acts but displays other clear signs of opposition in other ways. It looks like Utah’s sex offenders do have something to be thankful for: to not be living in Sweden.