A woman is pulled over for a routine traffic stop in which she wasn’t even taken out of her car. This woman claims the police officer sexually assaulted her during that stop; however, video shows that no abuse occurred and the officer’s reputation is saved. The police officer was facing firing from his job, prison time and sex offender registration.

The woman who falsely accused the officer of sex abuse finally admitted the story was fabricated, when she was confronted with the video evidence. She explains why she made the story up:

Interviewer: “Why would you do something like this to somebody who didn’t do anything to you except write you a ticket?”

False Accuser: “I’ll explain why. If I would have been driving a Jaguar, if I had been driving a Mercedes, or anything along those lines I would have never been stopped. And I personally think he had a personal attack on me because of my character.”

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

That’s what one LDS Bishop dealt with recently. A girl told her father that a teenage relative had sexually abused her. The father didn’t believe his daughter, so he had their church Bishop talk to his daughter to determine if she was telling the truth. Before she spoke with her Bishop, the police had already been notified and were investigating. When the girl met with the Bishop, he said that he didn’t think it was a good idea to talk to police until he talked to the relative and his parents. For that reason, prosecutors charged him with a third-degree felony of witness tampering and class B misdemeanor failure to report child abuse.

Ultimately, the prosecutors dismissed the charges. But now, this Bishop has a stain on his reputation that cannot be easily erased. This is what sex crime charges do: they ruin reputations. Even though the Bishop was innocent of the charges and was trying to do the right thing, the police and prosecution decided to charge first and ask questions later.

If a person is about to be charged with a crime, it is beneficial to hire an attorney who can sometimes prevent the charges from even being filed. If charges are ultimately filed, then an aggressive attorney can defend those charges.

Allegations of sexual assault are becoming commonplace in divorce cases. Such a large number of these allegations are false and very arguable that a syndrome was created to identify these cases: S.A.I.D. Syndrome (Sexual Allegations In Divorce).

The SAID Syndrome often identifies false accusations of sexual misconduct with a minor, something which can easily be spotted but can also just as easily take children away from a loving parent. False accusations are usually made after the divorce process begins and can easily happen after the divorce is final when parents are trying to regain child custody rights.

False accusations can easily be ruled as fact when the correct steps are not taken in the legal process. Therapists and the police department involved in the case may have no experience in the matter yet offer strong opinions. The Defense lawyer may not be aggressive enough to poke holes in the witness’s fictional tales. In order to protect yourself against these very common allegations of sex crimes involved with divorce you should look for a defense attorney. A defense attorney experienced in the topic area can make sure all files on the persons involved are completed by qualified individuals, that the therapists and other professional testifying and providing opinions are capable and experienced in the area, and possibly help you find a private reliable polygraph test.

RoethilisbergerBen Roethlisberger was eventually, after an entire press circus, not charged with sexual assault. However, this outcome was inevitable, judging by the reputation and the price tag on his criminal defense attorney Ed Garland, who is a member of the prestigious American Board of Criminal Lawyers. Utah criminal defense attorney Clayton Simms estimates that “Ben (Roethlisberger) probably paid his criminal defense attorney $750,000.00 to $1,000,000 while dishing out another $250,000 on private investigators.” Clayton Simms also stated that, “I’ve had several clients fired as a result of sex abuse charges, and after their charges were dismissed or they were acquitted at jury trial their employment was not reinstated. Simply being charged with a sex offense can be devastating to one’s professional and personal life, and in a world in which information is only a Goggle away it is even more so.” Big Ben is lucky that he could afford a defense team capable and qualified to keep the remaining part his reputation viable for an NFL contract. Ben’s big night out evidential photos were recently released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.