How’s this for an undercover sting operation?

  • “an undercover detective violated department policy by touching a masseuse’s vagina while she was rubbing him”
  • “a detective who kissed the prostitute’s breasts… argued it was not a policy violation since he had no control over her placing her breasts in his face”
  • “an undercover detective touched the legs of a masseuse as the detective inquired whether the woman would massage him while topless”
  • “detectives in at least three cases in 2011 violated the department’s ‘no touch policy.'”
  • “vice detectives were not booking evidence into storage in a timely manner”

These were the findings of the Utah Civilian Board review of police action. Because of these bad police actions, the Salt Lake City Chief of Police has disbanded the vice squad. Police officers will no longer be setting up stings to catch illegal massages.

If you are charged with a sex crime involving the former vice squad, call an attorney that can help you navigate your issues. There may be police misconduct!