Society in Utah upholds morals that urge people to protect children. This sounds great, but in cases of false child abuse allegations these morals take the importance of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ away from the defendant. These false allegations are becoming more prominent in divorce cases as power plays, and ways to gain full custody of children. Even if you are deemed innocent by a court of law, the simple fact that you were charged with something like child molestation or assault gives you a reputation. You may lose your job, be shunned by your social connections, not be allowed around your friends’ children, and perhaps be despised. If you ARE convicted you may have to register as a child sex offender for the entirety of you life!! Child Sexual Abuse has one of the highest conviction rates, therefore any charges filed against you must be taken very seriously. You must find a lawyer experience with sexual abuse charges especially those against children. You must find that qualified attorney quickly to prepare yourself in case police start questioning you (which you should not say anything unless your lawyer is present), and in case you are arrested. Remember anything you say to police can be used against you!