A Roosevelt, Utah woman is accusing her husband of sodomizing her with a broomstick after she forgot to do the dishes. The woman’s story started to waiver, however, after she changed her views as to whether she had access to a telephone or car after the incident. The alleged victim had not sought medical or emotional attention after the incident and only reported the incident when her husband of 16 years threatened to divorce her. The woman said that after she was sodomized she bleed for two days but never got any help because she was scared her husband would kill her. The Deseret news reports that the husband of the alleged victim told the jury “that his wife had the means to seek help if the incident had occurred because she managed his handyman business and had access to bank accounts, a cell phone, a home phone and the Internet”. The man did admit that he had threatened to sodomize his wife with a broomstick during a fight but never followed through with the threat. Innocent until proven guilty but it looks like there’s a broomstick for a different type of witch.