In Utah, a pimp would be guilty of aggravated exploitation of a prostitute if:

   (a) In committing an act of exploiting prostitution, as defined in section 76-10-1305, he uses any force, threat, or fear against any person; or

   (b) The person procured, transported, or persuaded or with whom he shares the proceeds of prostitution is under eighteen years of age or is the wife of the actor

Aggravated exploitation of prostitution is a felony of the second degree, which is punishable by up to 15 years in the Utah State Prison. Many alleged pimps and prostitute advertise on the internet through sites like Because of the ability to obtain customers through the internet many pimps and prostitute travel throughout the United States, moving from city to city and State to State. This is referred to as “riding the circuit”. Many Utah prosecutor take the attitude that they want the State of Utah to be the harshest on pimps and prostitutes as a way to discourage them from conducting business in Utah. Thus, if charged with a prostitution offense in the State of Utah, you should contact a Utah criminal defense attorney with experience with prostitution and sex solicitation offenses.